Society is in need of an intervention.

Unless we remember our human animal and admit technology is a force of nature we will respond badly to the shocks this century holds. It is time for a profoundly new shared cultural experience — granting people a moment to live outside the belief that they are superior to nature and in control of technology.

This is what we do.

At the heart of our laboratory is an innovative shared practice uniting an ensemble of artists, engineers, designers and scientists. Our studio is an incubation pool giving birth to new philosophical insights, technical innovations and cultural evolution.

We are hijacking robotic technology as a form of human expression rather than a tool. This is our medium, we use sensors, algorithms, kinetic and intelligent systems with the traditions of puppetry, and hand crafted material. The material and embodied nature of robotics along with the power of motion allows us to trigger involuntary emotional reflexes.

We have struck a nerve.

We are diving deep for the long term. Designing new tools, new technologies and new integrated processes with a fresh set of values. We have bought a building, we are training interns and we are looking to bring new minds to dive in.

We are Rusty Squid.

Are you in?

Rusty Squid
Unit 18
Albion Dockside Estate
Hanover Place




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